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Beatrice Marchi,
Sunday 18 September 2022 at 11:20 - 12:00

Beatrice MarchiI Profumati dell'Aquila and The Friends Live Show

Fontecchio, Cloister of the Convent of St. Francis
free entrance subject to availability
attend the open call and take part in the performance

A participatory, singing and perfumed performance.

The artist’s performative research is developed through the construction of a series of alter-egos created over the years. Some of the characters composed the musical band called The Friends, made up of a variable number of members, each with their own aesthetic and character traits. For this occasion, the band acquires a new character made up of a busload of perfumed performers and called IProfumati dell’Aquila.

The event unfolds in two separate acts: in the first act there is a collective perfuming ritual that takes place from the days leading up to the day of the event to form I Profumati dell’Aquila. Each performer is given a kit with instructions on how to cleanse and perfume themselves and their clothing with the scent of Scots pine. Through the perfume, an abstract sense of belonging is generated where all performers contribute to form a single collective character. The perfume ritual is followed by a bus journey to the Convent of San Francesco in Fontecchio. In the second act, I Profumati dell’Aquila and The Friends perform about ten songs together in a concert played live at the Fontecchio convent, including unreleased and repertoire pieces by the artist, interacting with each other and with two video projections.

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