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ph Giulia Di Vitantonio
Saturday 17 September 2022 at 22:00 - 23:00

performance musicaSalvo LombardoOutdoor Dance Floor

MAXXI L’Aquila court
free entrance subject to availability

The space of the dance floor is reinterpreted in both theatrical and unconventional spaces such as museums, exhibition spaces, foyers, commercial premises, and urban spaces.

Already in its previous works, the Chiasma group has identified the physical space of the music club and club culture as a hybrid dimension in which dance and music become a territory for the liberation of bodies and an opportunity for the affirmation of a “politics” of the body that transcends social and gender conventions.
The performers, Daria Greco and Salvo Lombardo, weave a choreographic action based on a series of imitable movement sequences and sustained by the relationship with the musical, sound and visual pulsation of a multimedia live set, where rougher sounds with a digital and industrial patina meet the aesthetics of techno music to open up to synt pop, tropical, R&B landscapes and symphonic connections. After the choreographic action of the performers, the audience will be invited to join the flow of the action to experience, in turn, through dance, new relational dynamics, echoes and reverberations of movement. Outdoor dance floor wants to embody an act of pure sharing, sociality and aggregation of bodies.

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