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Emanuela Giacco, In un battito d'ali, 2024
Friday 5 April 2024 at 11:00 - 13:00

installationIn un battito d’aliby Emanuela Giacco

MAXXI L’Aquila, Court
free admission

The Court of Palazzo Ardinghelli hosts an artwork created to commemorate the 2009 earthquake, on display through April 21

A pair of butterfly wings, woven with nautical rope knots and suspended, ready to take flight: this is Emanuela Giacco’s installation, In un battito d’ali, chosen by the MAXXI Foundation for the 15th anniversary of the earthquake that profoundly disrupted the life of the L’Aquila community. A work symbolizing freedom, transformation and hope, representative of the rebirth of Abruzzo’s capital city.


with salutations from

Alessandro Giuli President of the Fondazione MAXXI
Pierluigi Biondi Mayor of L’Aquila


Emanuela Giacco artist

with the contribution and sponsorship of the City of L’Aquila